Home Movies in the Archive

Representing Everyday People: Home Movies in the Archive

Before starting the MIAS program, I volunteered for two years at the Nebraska State Historical Society, where I received hands-on experience working with small gauge film. This meant that I spent much of my time winding through Several frames of film from a home movie, taken while inventorying films at the Academy Film Archivehome movies and sponsored films.

Prior to volunteering these types of non-theatrical films were not on my radar, but they form a very important part of our cultural identity that needs to be preserved. Throughout my recent studies, I have made a point to explore the issues that surround the preservation and access of non-theatrical film.

Here you will find some of the internships and coursework that I have completed in the MIAS program in order to further my studies of these types of audiovisual materials.

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A Still from the Zapruder FilmReconstructing History
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesInternship: The Academy Film Archive