AMIA 2014: Hollywood Park Poster

AMIA 2014: “The Race to Save the History of Hollywood Park”

Hollywood Park Poster, presented at AMIA 2014

Inspired by our work with the Hollywood Park Collection, my classmate Alina and I decided to present during the poster session at the 2014 AMIA Conference in Savannah, Georgia this year.

Having spent many hours hard at work of this project, it was great to get a chance to share what we learned. We were also able to catch up with Kip, Hollywood Park’s ‘accidental archivist,’ to learn about what had happened to the collection since we completed our class project so we could share that information with those who stopped by our poster. Kip informed us that our report had been very useful to the UCLA Library, which had taken in a large part of the collection.

Staci and Alina present their poster on Hollywood Park at AMIA 2014
Photo courtesy of @UCLAmias

Apart from getting to share our work with the everyone at the AMIA Conference, it was also a great way to interact with those that I wouldn’t have necessarily gone up and spoke to. Alina and I even had the opportunity to meet the woman who instigated the whole Hollywood Park project, by sharing a news article about the racetrack with our professor for the class.

Above is our poster, and here is the abstract that was published in the conference program:

Poster Abstract

Hollywood Park racetrack closed its doors in December 2013, leaving behind an institutional archive of 75 years of horse racing and Los Angeles history. The archive was in shambles––with 16mm films molding in water-damaged boxes and without even a basic inventory. Students from the UCLA Moving Image Archive Studies program collaborated with the former television production supervisor (and default archivist) to develop guidelines for the care and preservation of the Hollywood Park collections.