About Me

Staci HogsettI realized my budding interest in moving image archiving shortly after graduating from the University of Nebraska Lincoln with a BA in English and Film Studies. In an effort to discover more about a field that was still a mystery at the time, I began volunteering at the Nebraska State Historical Society where I gained experience working with home movies and ephemeral films. Some of my duties there included cleaning and repairing splices on 8mm and 16mm films, checking the entire home movie collection for vinegar syndrome, and learning to scan films in order to make digital copies for reference use.

Since starting the MIAS program, my interest in small gauge, nontheatrical film has grown, extending to an internship at the Academy Film Archive in which I was able to inventory home movies from the Japanese American National Museum Collection. Read more about my coursework and practical experience in Home Movies in the Archive.

I have also realized an interest in archival outreach, and specifically in working with institutions that have audiovisual materials and no one trained to properly care for them. For more information, see the page on Archival Outreach.